It is not evil …

It is not evil to marry
but good to be wary. 😉
-Thomas Gataker


It Bites and Poisons

I abruptly yanked my hand back when I accidentally touched the hot kettle. I quickly stuck my finger under the cold running water and smiled. Now, this might seem weird, I just burned my hand, and yet, I am smiling. The usual protocol would be to yell, cry, or be shocked quiet. And, no, I am not a sadist. Here’s the reason why – I am glad that I still have my right hand. The pain is just a reminder that I could have lost this arm.

I am a biology teacher and an avid photographer. Combine this two qualities, add a nice forest – by my house – to the mix, and you get a person that regularly takes hikes in the wooded area.

On that fateful day, I had taken my camera out and went towards the forest, in hopes of spotting this flower that I had spotted in one of my earlier hikes. I wanted to see if it were not fully bloomed.

I tramped towards the spot, brushing aside overhanging branches, preventing them from slapping me, and ferns that threatened to sweep my face. At last, I came to my destination.

The flower was gorgeous! It measured about ten centimeters from the furthest opposite end of each petal. It had a bluish hue to it, almost going into a violet color, but not quite. Even from a few feet away from it, I could smell its wonderful, flowery scent wafting towards me.

I walked forward and reached out my hand to push aside the small bush that was blocking part of the flower. That’s when the snake decided to bite. I gasped aloud and abruptly pulled back my hand and blindly shuffled backwards, as far as I could from the snake. All the while, trying to take in as much descriptive information of the snake.

I looked down at my right hand and saw the tell-tale snake bite marks. It was starting to swell. The color was slowly turning towards an angry red. I was starting to feel nauseated. I realized with dismay that I had left my phone and car keys at home.

But, first things first, I had to stop the venom from spreading, especially since I was going to be walking. I quickly undid my belt, tied it around my hand – slightly above the wound – and tightened it as tight as I dared. I then set off to my house.

By the time I reached the house, my hand felt like I had dunked it into a cauldron of boiling oil; I was staring to gasp for breath, and my vision was starting to get blurry. I snatched up my keys and phone. I fumbled a bit with the phone before I managed to dial the local clinic near my house.

“Hello, Florida State Clinic, how may I help you?” a female voice answered.

“I just got bitten by a snake. I am on my way to the clinic now. I am quite sure that it was a copperhead. It was about seventy centimeters in length, of a reddish-brown, coppery color, plump.” I blurted as I started pulling out of my drive way. I know, it was probably hazardous to drive and talk on the phone – even more so when you have just have been bitten by a snake. However, all these seems trivial when you start hyperventilating, wondering if every breath you take would be your last.

“All right. We will have the anti-venom ready for you, and a medic team present as soon as you arrive.”

Thank God that the roads were fairly empty. I only encountered two cars on my way to the clinic. I saw the sign for the clinic and swerved into the drive way. The medic team was present and as soon as I tumbled out of the car, they hurried over.

They lifted me up to the gurney, but not before I lurched to the side and vomited. When I lay back down, I felt the gurney being pushed forward, and then I lost all consciousness.

Needless to say, I made it back to good health. The doctor had been mildly surprised that the poison hadn’t taken my arm. He did pointedly say that it was probably because of the quick actions that I took.

I merely smiled for I knew that it was not by my strength. When I went back home, I cautiously went back to the flower. This time, I brought my baseball bat and a long pole to push aside that same bush which the snake had been hiding in. The coast was clear.

Finally, I managed to take the photos of the flower that started it all.


AN: I have never been bitten by a snake, never had any experience with handling snakes. Therefore, I do not have any firsthand experience with this kind of scenarios. This original short story is just based on the first aid that I have learned, and from research regarding poisonous snakes. For those with experience, please feel free to comment on any mistakes!

In the Twinkling

Since it is Easter, I thought of these wonderful verses that reminds us saved believers that when we die, we have a glorious home to look forward to! I also hope these verses would cause others to think, “Do I have a part in this everlasting promise?”

1 Corinthians 15:52-55:
52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
54 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

Haha…I just had to underline, italicize, and bold the last verse. Every time I read this aloud, I have the urge to shout it at the top of my lungs! 🙂

To Live, To Laugh, To Love

The number of Filipinos in the church I attend has greatly increased over the years. And, with it, has my interactions with this ethnic group also increased. Here’s what I have learnt about most Filipinos. They are a fun-loving bunch of people – people whom you would want to invite to your party.

It is so easy to be around them. I am, by nature, quite an extroverted and loud person. But, in this Chinese culture in Singapore, you can’t really act like that in a group setting. Sure, me and my Chinese pals do laugh and stuff, but it has to be a toned down version – if not, weird stares would come your way. Whereas, with the Filipinos, no one cares if you find something funny and you start laughing uncontrollably and kinda loudly, in fact, they would probably even join you.

For example, a few years back, we had invited quite a few of the Chinese families in the church come over for a Christmas dinner. Everything went quite well, we chit chatted and held conversations. But, I stopped to observe these guests for a while. A number of them were either seated quietly and staring into space, or they were involved with their electronic gadgets. Unless you made the effort to talk to them, or make the guests talk to each other, they would continue to be like that for quite some time.

Then, during another time, we had invited the Filipinos, and only them, for a meal at my house. Boy, was that a blast. Once they had put down their food, they immediately started talking and laughing with each other. By the time the fellowship “officially” started, the entire house was filled with the happy sounds of laughter and a mix of the Tagalog and English language. Of course, there were a few that did take out their phones, iPads, and stuff, but it was mostly to take hilarious selfies and random pictures.

If you were to ask me which party I enjoyed the most, it would be the one with the Filipinos.

However, I do not mean to say that being a serious person is a bad thing. There are times when you certainly have to be serious. But, I do enjoy the moments when I can just let my hair loose and enjoy the little humorous moments that God puts into my life. To live, to laugh, to love.

The Trolls Are Coming…AAAHHH!!!!!

I am quite active on Google Plus and usually scroll through the “What’s Hot” section. I always come across some post regarding Christianity, like a verse, or a quote based on a verse. And, almost without fail, there are a few kinds of trollers:

1. The cursers and swearers

2. Those that have been educated beyond their level of intelligence (meaning to say that this people have stuffed their brain with too much useless and highly dubious information; therefore, causing their brain to overheat and totally become useless. Most of the time, they don’t even know what they are saying.)

3. The “Amen!” group

4. Once in a very, very long while, those that are truly curious as to what Christianity is about

5. And then, there are some like me, the apologetics


The main ones I want to talk about are numbers 1 and 2. Let’s start with number one:

This trolls usually post up a colorful range of imaginative curse words that are designed to set all of us thinking.

Just kidding, they are just a bunch of hobos that want attention and people to come attend their everlasting pity party. Their comments really have no substance, just empty fluff to try to get people to notice their insignificant lives. And, when there is no response to them, they will try to give a few more comments, but if there is ultimately no RSVP to their pity party, then they try their luck somewhere else. If you were to visit their wall feed, you should not be surprised to see that the majority of their post are aimed at ridiculing, blaspheming, and denouncing Jesus Christ.

Good luck trying to carry a coherent debate with them, because the only words they actually know the meaning of, and how to use them, are vulgarities.


Then, there is number two. This is a bunch of highly trained intellectuals that are way smarter than any of us will ever be. They are the sages of our time, the ones who will mould and shape our future.

Haha…just kidding again. This are just of people that have a lot of free time on their hands and like to go onto the internet to find things to discredit the reality of the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ. These people are usually a highly advanced form of number one. They do, however, share a similar characteristic, that is, they also love to swear and curse, especially when they know that they are losing their arguments. Even if you present them with irrefutable evidence to their fairy tale claims, they will still cling on to their sinking life boat or they will curse you and your entire lineage and posterity.

For this group, you should be well versed in evolution VS Creation and with common “contradictions” in the Bible. Because, that is their usual ammo.


Now, why do I sometimes jump into this foray? Mainly because – it challenges my faith, it teaches me to be a stronger Christian, it gives me plenty of misconceptions the world has with God and the Bible in general. Therefore, it may be draining sometimes, all the getting cursed at and random information being thrown into your face, but it allows me to see God in a whole new different perspective. And, it ultimately makes me thankful that I am already a Child of God. This reminds me of something that Ray Comfort wrote:

“Almost every evening Sue and I watch stress-free rugby. It’s stress free because they are recorded games, and Sue checks the scores to see if our teams won. (If they didn’t, we don’t watch).
That means when the other teams score, we know a secret. We win, no matter what happens.
That’s also why the Christian never gets stressed, because we know a secret. We win no matter what.”

Two Drunken Men

A little original nonsense poem that I wrote a few years ago. I think that the main reason why I wrote this was because I had seen how alcohol can affect one’s inhibition, making him or her act in a way which they would regret later on.

Two men sat on a bench. One gave quite a stench.
The other passed out,
Before giving the other a clout.
When they both came through,
They noticed they sat on a bough:
While beneath them swam sharks,
And the sky was quite dark.
“T’is you that have this trickery!”
Yelled the one who passed the clout.
“No! T’is you that hath done this tom-foolery!”
Replied the one who received the clout.
As they argued progressively,
They didn’t notice
The big, fat boughy
was shrinking with only a space of a hat
between them and the sea.
As the bough grew shorter,
The sharks’ eyes grew wider.
The men noticed it too late
And soon became shark bait.
But before they could be finished eaten,
They woke up for real.
And they found that they had been beaten.
Besides them sat a plate of meal.
They realised that they sat in a cell;
And within, there was a bell.
Presuming there would be no harm,
They decided to ring the charm.
After they had rung,
A magistrate appeared.
“What dost thou want?”
The magistrate enquired.
“We demand to know,
Why we’re in this pitiful state;
Are we to be served on a plate,
Or to be released quite soon?”
The magistrate departed
And returned with a scroll,
Which he unrolled,
And read aloud what it stated.
“This two were caught
In an extreme state of drunkenness,
Acting with great punkness,
Until they were stopped.
They had struggled
And would have have caused damage;
Hence, the bruises
And the bandage.
The two are to be put in stocks
(The one situated two blocks away.)
And not to be released till the next day.
(Make sure you put locks.)”
And, so, the two were in stocks till the morrow,
Filled with their sorrow.
Thus, we have come, of this tale, the end,
Of this two drunken men.