The King and His Castle

Here’s an original poem. If anyone would like to use part, or all of it, I would appreciate it if you would give proper credits! I also don’t mind if any of you have any kind of advice you would like to give. 🙂


The drums were a-beatin’, a-tearin’, a-roarin’,
Announcing the arrival of ten thousand marching.
Over the plains their feet were a-poundin’,
Approaching the castle, where the king sat a-grinnin’.

“For two score and three years, the castle stood unscathed and unharmed.
At the end of this war, I’ll have the last laugh!”
Said the king to himself.

“Beware of your pride!” warned the young king’s father’s adviser.
“You just might be defeated, destroyed, and a-plundered.”
This made the king mad, and had him beheaded.
With his blood thirst a-sated, he felt more elated.

He pronounced the entire city off for the day,
To prove the adviser wrong and turn in his grave.


The soldiers were coming closer and closer.
For two score and three years, they had been the losers.
But defeat after defeat had taught them great lessons.
And now the nonchalant son sat on the throne.

They knew this was the day they would finally prevail!
What followed after was more of a slaughter.
The castle was caught unawares and a-nappin’.
And according to the adviser’s foreboding,

The castle was “defeated, destroyed, and a-plundered.”
And so was the end of the glorious reign
Of a castle that ended because of its pride.


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