A Short Review on the PERCY JACKSON and HEROES OF OLYMPUS Series

I first heard of this series when the first movie came out. It piqued my curiosity, and, being a bookworm, I decided to read the book first. I was hooked. It is a skillfully blended world of both the Greek mythology world and the human world. As a Christian, I am very careful of what kind of books I read. Therefore, here are some reasons why I think that this series is suitable for mature Christians:

The story-line: First off, Greek gods and goddesses don’t exist, duh. Anyways, the story-line definitely has the flow. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series had a good foundation. The direction of the plot in each book was quite straightforward. There wasn’t a lot of plot twist, in fact, I can only think of less than five plot twist within the entire two series. When it came to the Heroes of Olympus series, however, it got just a teeny-weeny bit confusing and draggy – what with all the gods and goddesses identity warring with themselves. The thing that is a winner in these two series is the lack of excess of the mushy kissing, making outs, and vulgarities (to date, there in not a single f-word in the two series),  that is all too prevalent in many of today’s teen’s “literature.” This is why I can read this two series with relief.

The characters: The way Mr. Riordan portrayed the gods and goddesses were very accurate – although in the actual myths and stories, they were a bit badder. The interactions of the characters are spot-on. I could imagine those kind of interactions in real life. Annabeth portrays all those smart people that we sometimes admire, get irritated, or both at the same time, by their varying amounts of smartness.                                                                                                                                                                                           Percy portrays all those goofy, somewhat dumb, but extremely loyal people that anyone would be blessed to have as a friend.

Overall, I would recommend this two series to anyone who is looking for something that is funny, comes with a good plot-line, and easy to read! 🙂




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